Familion de Crăciun

“Vrem să dăm o față nouă Târgului de Crăciun 2017 din Cluj.
Ne faceți website-ul?”
- ne-au întrebat organizatorii.

Când ne-au spus că se va numi Familion de Crăciun ne-am ciulit urechile. Când ne-au dezvăluit Planul lor, ne-am "înhămat" imediat, cu plăcere. Un proiect, credem, excepțional.

Familion de Crăciun - Târgul de Crăciun din Piața Unirii,

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“Guys, can you build us a simple, minimalist e-commerce website so that we can sell our coffee roasts? Ah, also… can you do it this week?” Sure! - we said - send us pictures, products and prices and we are good to go. The only thing that’s still missing from the website is the heavenly smell of coffee that envelops you at HotPipes; for that, you will have to visit their shop, but it’s worth it!

Hotpipes.ro - Good coffee, bold attitude, tuned engines, on the road to perfect roast.

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SafeToNet is an innovative cybersecurity & parental control application that uses deep learning and neural networks to identify and block harmful messages, cyberbullying, grooming radicalisation on social networks before they’re seen.

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Gradinita MagicLandOne

MagicLandOne is a private kindergarten in Cluj-Napoca that started as dream: a mother’s dream of what a perfect kindergarten should look like. Crucially, the founder, Cristian Mihetiu, had the courage to make the dream a reality. We admit, It was a pleasure to visit the kindergarten, see their team at work and help them with this website!

Gradinitamagiclandone.ro - the kindergarten of your dreams!

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Dr. Oslobanu Sanda

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Biserica Manastur

Biserica Manastur is the official website of an iconic baptist church in Cluj-Napoca with a rich history. The place where people gather under His wings to taste and see that the Lord is good!

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Agora Proiect

Agora is a well-known regional architecture & design firm from Cluj-Napoca. Whether you are looking to build the house of your dreams, re-decorate an office, change or uplift a building's facade or design an original interior, Agora is the team to go to!

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SteelCore Europe

Steelcore boasts the best regional prices for a variety of laminated steel sheet products and unmatched quality when it comes to plasma or oxy-fuel cutting in steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper. Client satisfaction from start to finish!

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Cubic SoftLab

Fully integrated products and services for a multi-dimensional online world Everything your company needs to operate in the digital world at top efficiency In an increasingly mobile environment, business flexibility and adaptability automatically needs to extend to your website or app. A fully responsive website or app tells your customers you care about them, you thought about their needs and you are prepared.

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Salon MaCherie makes sure no bride is ever disappointed when searching for her own special bride dress. Spectacular, elegant, varied gowns - we live by these words. Enjoy your time picking what suits you best for one of the most special occasions in life!

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Roval Logistic

Roval Logistic was founded by three professionals working in logistics & spedition when they recognized there is a pressing need for fast, flexible logistics that can accommodate variable loads without changing the price tag. What started with three people is today, ten years later, a growing business with a reputation that we worked hard to cement.

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Media Event Tour

Media Event Tour is a very experienced event organizer. We thoroughly plan, we confidently coordinate all the stages of the event and we make sure your event is at least as good as you envisioned. Usually, we manage to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations and make events truly memorable and highly enjoyable.

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Big Time Production

Big Time Production is a team of professionals that add passion in all the multimedia services provided to their customers.

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Kups is coffee shop concept. Kups is also a franchise.

Impossible to do real justice to Kups without a visit to one of their coffee shops. Kups answers the old philosophical conundrum - “Is an amazing cup of coffee still amazing if there is no one to savour it?” - with an emphatic NO! Coffee is at its best only if placed in human hands, shared with friends and drank together with its own story. The baristas at Kups will delight you with all the secrets of what make your cup delicious and even teach you some of their tricks!

Well, now Kups is also a website.

Kups.ro - when excellent coffee, jolly good company and rich context meet to create the perfect coffee shop experience.

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