About Us


Surely you must have visited other “About Us” pages.

Many of them are virtual museums dedicated to that company’s history: significant dates, important victories, remarkable conquests. A bit boring but then you might like history...

Our “About Us” page is actually more about YOU.

Things you need, goals or objectives you want to reach. We believe that when you came to our “About Us” page you wanted to see if we can help you with something in particular.

Of course, beyond the “Us, the Business”, there is also “Us, Humans”: who we are and what we like. By the way:

Nice to meet you!

What can we do for you?

Web development

I want a website: simple to navigate; low maintenance; device friendly - be it for desktops, smartphones or tablets; easy to monitor. Can you?

Doable. If you send us all the details and information we need - the website is ready within three weeks.

App & custom software development

I want an app or some piece of software for my company: no external ads, personalized, for iOS and for Android, fast, upgradable. How difficult is it?

For you: not difficult at all! If you know exactly what you want and if you communicate it to us - you can have your app or your software in less than a month.


I would like … something modern, elegant, with impact. Do you see what I mean?

Show us some examples of things you like and let us sketch for a day or two; afterwards we will show what we thought of. If you like that - it gets done by the third day.

Branding & identity services

I want something that represents me. An image, a concept, an idea - to convey instantly all I have to say. I not really sure how to explain it to you …

It’s ok. Let us ask you a few questions about you and your business or company and you will see we can dream together. By the end of the day we choose the best dream and make it into a brand in a couple more days.

SEO services

I want to be on the first page of search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo. Can you do it by next week?

No, we don’t do magic. But if you want unfailing growth month after month, conformity to the ever-changing requirements of the search engines or social networks and a multiplication of your traffic volume by the end of the year - give us week and we will send you a detailed report with clear goals and targets backed by firm commitments.

Content marketing

I want people to visit my site often; to find content about my business or organisation that is current, informative and relevant; content about my services or products. I want people to have a positive image about my organization, to see that we are experts in our niche and to want to come back to our site regularly for more. The things is: I am not that good at writing, not able to make it interesting enough, I don’t have the time...

Well, you are not the only one. Many are confronted with the exact same problem; some without even realizing the do have a problem. Not to worry: if you are willing to collaborate with our specialists we can combine the expertise you have in your field with our content marketing expertise. After that, publishing quality content that is novel and relevant is not such a difficult task.

Do you want see if we can pull it of?

A con artist can sell anything. We, on the other hand, simply can’t.

You can see below what we are good at and judge for yourself how good are we.

You can even contact any of our clients and get a first hand account about how we work.

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Beyond “Us, the business” there is also the “Us, the people”

For us Cubic SoftLab isn’t everything. It is just a workplace. Just a place where we happen to drink excellent coffee. Just a place where we eat together regularly. Just a place where our peculiar jokes and puns make sense.

Between us, sometimes it is the place where members of your families come looking for us: checking to see if we are really working or just having uninterrupted fun 9-12 hours a day...

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